Crazy Duckling is the main character of both the tv show and the movie. He is a yellow duckling who only wears a bowler hat and a red bowtie. As pronounced by his name, he has an incredibly zany personality and loves to pull pranks and jokes on others. Aside from his insane personality, Crazy can be good hearted and his willing to help out his pals if he can.

Lily Duckling is Crazy Duckling’s best friend and some what say his love interest. Lily doesn’t have a zany personality like Crazy, but she does have a caring nature for others. Lily sometimes doesn’t approve of Crazy’s pranks and jokes, but she can see that sometimes he means well. Lily is mostly seen accompanying Crazy on his adventures.

Bobby Bear is a large dopey brown bear who lives In the woods along with Richard Raccoon. He spends most of his time searching for food like honey and fish. Because he’s a bear, Bobby posses incredible strength. But because of his dopey personality, his strength can get him into trouble. Despite being dopey and low intelligent, Bobby does care a lot for his pals and his willing to help them the best he can.

Hillbilly Chicken is a chicken who lives in the country with the other chicks. He can be considered as a little trickster around the others. Aside from playing tricks, his other hobby is to play the banjo. He to cares for his friends and is willing to help if he can.

Jackson Jackrabbit is a short brown rabbit who is also a trickster. He shares some strong characteristics to the well known cartoon character Bugs Bunny, except he is shorter, has brown fur and large white feet. Jackson maybe a trickster, but he shows more intelligence than the other characters.

Winston Woodpecker is a small red-headed woodpecker with black feathers and a funny personality. He is shown to have a southern accent which gives him a great singing voice. He also likes to chill with the ladies.

Klaus is a large trouble making cat with black fur. He is mostly scene co-starring with Winston Woodpecker as his enemy. However, Klaus isn’t very bright which can make him clumsy and easily outsmarted. Aside from co-starring with Winston, Klaus can be seen in many other episodes and sometimes as the main character of the story.

Marcus Pussycat is one of Crazy Duckling’s arch foes in the tv series and the main antagonist in the movie. He is a scheming alleycat with brown stripes and the personality of a gangster. He is always scheming his way to riches and cheating people out of their money. However, Crazy is smart enough to outwit this fiendish feline.

About Me:      My name is Ryan David Raskin and I am 21 years old. One of my favorite hobbies is to draw pictures and cartoons. I have my own little collection of cartoons. Right now, I’m learning to master InDesign and Illustrator in order to bring my cartoons to the big screen.

Inspirations:      My cartoons have all been inspired by the cartoons that were created during the golden age of animation such as Looney Tunes and Disney.