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ArtWorks is a program that provides technical training to prepare students for a career in digital art with structured classes that give them the tools needed to be successful in a job after high school and/or post-secondary education. Each student will explore various areas of study to develop essential skills and feel competent in entering today’s competitive job market. Real work experience helps them to incorporate their special abilities and learn and practice the soft skills needed to secure and maintain employment in today’s world of websites, social media, and digital graphic arts.


266,300 Jobs

$50,370 average salary

+11,000 employment change

Web Designers

162,900 Jobs

$94,253 average salary

+24,400 employment change

Game Designers

65,100 Jobs

$72,530 average salary

+6,200 employment change

Employment Opportunities

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Social Media Companies
  • Freelance Design
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Designer for Corporations
  • Website Design
  • Computer Graphics Departments
  • Printing Companies

Software Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver

Course Descriptions and Schedules

Level I



Students will be exposed to the Principles and Practices of 2D Design inclusive of Color Theory. This will be accomplished through original analog designs further developed via Vector Software for final projects.

Level I-A – 2D Design Principles – Vector Software

Week 1-2: Principles of Space, Balance, Unity & Variety, Proportion & Scale, Motion

Week 3-4: Elements of Line, Shape, Texture, Tone, Color

Week 5: Thematic Designs of Typography, Logos, Ads, Editorial, Packaging

Click Here for Level 1a – Notes and Assignments

Level I-B – 2D Color Theory – Vector Software

Week 1-2: Principles of Color: Monochromatic, Triadic, Analogous, Complimentary, Split Complimentary

Week 3-4: Applying Color to Line, Shape, Texture, Tone, Color

Week 5: Color Projects with Logos, Ads, Brochures, Editorial, Packages

Click Here for Level1b – Notes and Assignments

Level II





Students will be exposed to the Principles and Practices of Image Creation and Modification. This will be accomplished through original photography then developed via Raster Software for final projects.

Level II-A – Photo Creation – Raster Software

Week 1-2: Composition, Rule of Thirds, RAW Files, File sizing

Week 3-4: Image Adjustment, Levels, Brightness/Contrast, Color Modes

Week 5: Saving Formats, Compression, Tagging


Level II-B – Photo Modification – Raster Software

Week 1-2: Opening/Saving, Specs, Image Size, Canvas Size, Color Modes

Week 3-4: Toolsets, Cropping, Pen Tool, Merging Layers, Layer Effects

Week 5: Finalizing, Formats, Importing, Exporting, Animation




Level III



Students will be exposed to the Principles and Practices of Marketing and Page Composition. This will be accomplished through actual industry oriented projects and developed via Page Composition software for final projects.

Level III-A – Marketing Principles – Advertising

Week 1-2: Review Marketplace, Assess Principles, Develop Strategy, Develop Copy, Begin Prototypes

Week 3-4: Color Modes, Gather Assets, Begin Design, Present

Week 5: Test Response, Focus Group, Iterate

Level III-B – Marketing Principles – Editorial/Advertorial

Week 1-2: Review Marketplace, Assess Principles, Review Styles, Review Editorial, Begin Prototypes

Week 3-4: Color Modes, Gather Assets, Begin Designs, Present

Week 5: Test Response, Focus Group, Iterate

Level IV

Students will be exposed to the Principles and Practices of Web/App/Social Media Design. This will be accomplished through actual industry oriented projects and developed via UX/UI software for final projects.

Level IV-A – App and UX/UI Platforms

Week 1-2: Review Marketplace, Start Goal List, Develop Flow, Start Wireframes, Begin Prototypes

Week 3-4: Create/Gather Assets, Begin Prototypes, Test Usability, Test Functionality

Week 5: Test Functionality, Focus Group, Iterate

Level IV-B – Web / SM Principles / UX-UI Platforms

Week 1-2: Review SM Market, Establish Goals, Develop Webtree, Theme/Wireframes, Begin Prototypes

Week 3-4: Assets, Begin Prototypes, Test Usability

Week 5: Test Functionality, Focus Group, Iterate

Course Fees

Eight 5-Week Sessions
Three 2-Week internship between sessions
Three 2-Week Breaks
(Dec-Jan), (Mar-April), (July-Aug)

Each course will run three times a week for a period of 10 weeks equaling 30 meetings at 90 minutes each meeting. This becomes a total of 45 contact hours per course.

Cost per five-week level is $800
Each course consists of two levels at $1600

Between each level, students will be able to intern in-house working on projects for our not-for-profit clients. This aids in developing a full portfolio of work.

Our clients include:
Great South Bay Audubon Society, Center for Environmental Education and Discovery, St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Aishling Forest School, South Huntington School District, CPNassau, Star of the Sea Ministries

“Spirit of Huntington has been a true pleasure to work with and has given us services worthy of any
professional marketing and design company.”

Annette Brownell

Treasurer, Great South Bay Audubon Society

We are proud to work with such a positive and professional group.”

Rebecca Muellers

Executive Director, Center for Environmental Education and Discovery

During my time here I have improved in both my skills and knowledge within the industry.”

Derek G.

ArtWorks Designer

I have learned a great deal working with Mike and his staff. It has truly been a great experience.”

Olivier M.

ArtWorks Designer

Patrick Aievoli, a professor at Long Island University, is teaching at Spirit to help kids gain the confidence and skill sets that will help them be creative.”

Julianne Mosher

Huntington Now

I’m learning how to create videos, and I’m learning more professional skills.”

Brian Doscher

Digital Art Student

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