Course Lessons and Tutorials

Level 1b – Lessons, Videos and Links

Week 1

1. Recreate Audubon MastHead

From last semester recreate and modify the Audobon Society Masthead.

We will use this lesson to recap from last semester.
We will be getting this image ready for later use in an InDesign newsletter.

inDesign – we will learn

  1. Art Box
  2. Text Box
  3. Bullets
  4. Indenting
  5. Paragraphs
  6. Style Sheets
  7. Pages
  8. Links


Week 2

2. Principles of Color: Monochromatic, Triadic, Analogous, Complimentary, Split Complimentary

In this video you will be exposed to the 5 main color palettes

Week 2a

1. How to Select Color Swatches/Palettes in illustrator

About swatches/palettes

Swatches are named colors, tints, gradients, and patterns. The swatches associated with a document appear in the Swatches panel. Swatches can appear individually or in groups.

You can open libraries of swatches from other Illustrator documents and various color systems. Swatch libraries appear in separate panels and are not saved with the document.

The Swatches panel and swatch library panels can contain the following types of swatches:

Process colors

Global process colors

Spot colors





Color groups

Week 2b

Using Type and Color

Below are links to strong logo color samples.

In this video illustrator tutorial you will learn how to develop a logo in color via Illustrator.

Pick an area to create a logo for:


50 Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Of 2018

Week 3

1. Starting PhotoShop

PS Lesson Link – 

Basic Photoshop
  1. Tools and Menu/Commands
  2. Basic PhotoShop – File/New – Size and DPI
  3. Retouching tools
  4. Clone/Healing/Content Aware
  5. Adjustments – Levels/Brightness&Contrast/Hue/etc.

Week 4

1. Starting InDesign

Basic InDesign
  1. Tools and Menu/Commands
  2. Basics – File/New – Size and DPI
  3. Art & Text Box –
  4. Placing Images/Adjusting Size
  5. Mutliple pages and formats

Ads Lesson1 – pdf

AD 1 – 


A Life Changing Hour.

Wednesdays from 11am-12pm in the lower church.

We will be studying the Book of Ephesians and how it can simplify our daily life. Come and have a cup of coffee with us, along with a lot of fun!

AD 2 – 

Time, Talent & Treasure

Fostering Stewardship as a way of life.

Thanks for Giving First Fruits and Taking a Step!

(Regular Sunday Offertory)

December 15th’s weekly offering: $8,423.00
December 22nd’s weekly offering: TBA
Last year’s weekly offering: $8,080.50

Bulletin Reflection The Three Wise Men in today’s Gospel reading are perfect examples of stewards. They traveled from afar to pay homage to the Christ Child. They brought their gifts to Him as a way to show their homage. We, too, have been given gifts that we can present before the Lord and use for the betterment of others.

Living Stewardship – Pillar of Service

In today’s second reading, St. Paul reminds us that we have been given the gift of the Faith to go out and spread the Good News. We are in church today because of someone who spread the Word to us. Let us be at God’s service and spread the Word to someone else this week.

AD 3 – 


If you can help, please contact DEACON ALLAN, 631.754.6436

AD 4 – 


There are many opportunities to serve during our five weekly Masses.            

Young and old are welcomed into our ministries to help bring the gift of the Mass alive.


AD 5 – 


Baptism Sundays at 1:30pm Contact the Rectory to schedule. Both parents most come for an interview with the priest or deacon. Class required.

Call the rectory at least six months in advance for an appointment with parish priest. A marriage preparation program is required.

Saturdays 2pm – 3:30pm Also by appointment.


Every second Monday after the 8:30am Mass. Also anytime by calling the rectory.

AD 6 – 


The heart of the Catholic Church is the gift of Sacraments. We take joy in spreading the love of Jesus as well as helping during trying times.  Call the Rectory for help in planning
your important occasions.


Link to Project Folders

Link to Project Folders



Text for Design

InDesign Lesson 3

4 Panel Brochure

  1. Color Correct Photos
  2. Place Images over photos
  3. Place Logos over Images
  4. Place Text over Photos – Color and Transparent backgrounds
  5. Insert Logos – Transparent background
  6. Insert Text  – Color and Transparent backgrounds
  7. Multiple Column Text Format
  8. Place and Crop All Images
  9. Re-Create ArtAbility logo and slogan
  10. Finalize document – Save as: LastName_SOH 6 Panel Brochure
  11. Package and collect assets

The Hub for Creative Expression

We are a nonprofit organization that provides children with special needs

and Veterans this opportunity.



The Spirit of Huntington Art Center is a nonprofit organization that provides students with special needs and Veterans the opportunity for art and creative expression that can transform their lives.

Our Center is built on a foundation of love that fosters problem solving and free expression that can help nurture students of all ages through educational and vocational training in our structured, safe environment.

Watch our video reel to learn more on what we do and who we are.


In this expressive art program, students discover art styles through the lives of famous artists as they express themselves in a professional art studio environment at the old library in South Huntington. Students learn through interactive slide show presentations and stories then create their own masterpieces emulating that artist’s style. We incorporate the history of the artist’s life including any challenges which they overcame through their art. Classes are processed-based and developmentally appropriate. We culminate with a big art show after the 10-week program at our gallery that showcases all their work!


ArtWorks is a new program that provides technical and hands-on training to prepare students for a career in digital art with structured classes that give them the tools needed to be successful in a job.

Our clients include:

Great South Bay Audubon Society, Center for Environmental Education and Discovery, St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Aishling Forest School, South Huntington School District, CPNassau, Star of the Sea Ministries


Triple Blessings…and more!

Dec 27, 2019

I am honored and thrilled to share with you so may dreams that came true this year and so many miracles that happened. We truly did provide students and Veterans the opportunity for creative expression that transformed their lives by igniting a passion in life!

Winter Wonders

Nov 11, 2019

Each year, our organization hosts a community gathering event: Winter Wonderland. Per our tradition, our students spend the weeks leading up to the event designing, developing, and painting a huge winter-themed mural, heavily-inspired by imagery from the holiday film The Polar Express.

Embracing Neurodiversity: An ArtAbility Recap

Nov 7, 2019

Our objective for ArtAbility 2019 was to celebrate diversity and talent in the arts through a beautiful reception and exhibition held at our base in South Huntington. The event was an absolute success, with over 200 in attendance and sales that exceeded our expectations.

Releasing The Inner Artist

Sep 27, 2019

As summer comes to a close, it’s important for us to reflect on the change coming about in our world each and every day.

Through many of us may not be comfortable with life changing as often as it does, change is nonetheless inevitable, and truly the only factor that allows things to get bigger and better. We at the Spirit of Huntington have seen vast amounts of change in the best ways imaginable.


Offering One-Year Training for Exciting Opportunities.

ArtWorks is a program that provides technical training to prepare students for a career in digital art with structured classes that give them the tools needed to be successful in a job after high school and/or post-secondary education. Each student will explore various areas of study to develop essential skills and feel competent in entering today’s competitive job market. Real work experience helps them to incorporate their special abilities and learn and practice the soft skills needed to secure and maintain employment in today’s world of websites, social media, and digital graphic arts.

Advertising Agencies

Social Media Companies

Freelance Design


Graphic Designer for Corporations

Website Design

Computer Graphics Departments

Printing Companies

Software Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver.

Eight 5-Week Sessions

Three 2-Week internship between sessions

Three 2-Week Breaks (Dec-Jan), (Mar-April), (July-Aug)

Each course will run three times a week for a period of 10 weeks equaling 30 meetings at 90 minutes each meeting. This becomes a total of 45 contact hours per course.

Cost per five-week level is $800

Each course consists of two levels at $1600

Between each level, students will be able to intern in-house working on projects for our not-for-profit clients. This aids in developing a full portfolio of work.

Our clients include:

Great South Bay Audubon Society, Center for Environmental Education and Discovery, St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Aishling Forest School, South Huntington School District, CPNassau, Star of the Sea Ministries

“Spirit of Huntington has been a true pleasure to work with and has given us services worthy of any professional marketing and design company.”

Annette Brownell

Treasurer, Great South Bay Audubon Society

“We are proud to work with such a positive and professional group.”

Rebecca Muellers

Executive Director,

Center for Environmental Education and Discovery

“During my time here I have improved in both my skills and

knowledge within the industry.”

Derek G.

ArtWorks Designer

“I have learned a great deal working with Mike and his staff.

It has truly been a great experience.”

Olivier M.

ArtWorks Designer

“I’m learning how to create videos, and

I’m learning more professional skills.”

Brian Doscher

Digital Art Student


Come celebrate diversity and talent at the art show for students with special needs.

See our group of artists in this show exclusively for students with special needs. Amazing artwork displayed in our beautiful gallery at the Spirit of Huntington.

November 1st: Reception from 6pm to 9pm

November 2nd: Exhibition from 10am to 2pm

Week 5

Rebranding with InDesign

“Artists Comes Alive” – Logo


8.5 x 5.5 – Horizontal – Landscape

Card – for Series using VanGogh – Picasso – Monet – Seurat –



Join the fun on Friday evenings as we explore and discover new ways to create art. Learn about the lives, styles and techniques of famous influential artists through uniquely created slideshows, stories and experiences. Students with special needs are welcome in this stress-free environment. Appropriate for children of all ages. No registration necessary.

every Friday 6:30pm to 8pm

3 Version of each

Art Classes

Summer Art Workshops

Game Design

Comic Book Club

Artists Come Alive

Fall Art Workshops