Not to get a big head or anything…

Sour patch kids heads, 2 flavors in one, but the SOUR PATCH KIDS Heads come bursting with two different flavors in one big SOUR PATCH KID gummy. Sweet!

Sour Patch Kids are Sour, then Sweet, then Gone.

Mischief-filled Sour Patch Kids start out sour then turn sweet. Whether you’re trying to plan out the perfect prank or the ideal delight, these tasty little confections are chewy treats that are perfect for a play-filled break. Sour Patch Kids are Sour, then Sweet, then Gone.

Solve the Mystery…

SOUR PATCH KIDS Mystery Soft & Chewy Candy packs a surprise flavor into amischief-filled soft candy. This signature SOUR THEN SWEET treat satisfies your taste buds and adds a little fun to your snack with the mystery flavor in unique kid shapes that gives these candies their name.

Take your tastebuds on a tropical vacation with Paradise Punch, Pineapple, Tropical Twist, and Passion Fruit gummies. Sunburn not included.

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by | Sep 19, 2023