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It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s given Barney and his friends a special job – to take Derek (the new boy in their neighborhood) to the North Pole to see if Santa knows his new address. After arriving in Barney’s special sleigh, the kids frolic on the ice, dance with a snowman, pretend to be elves in Santa’s Workshop and learn from Mrs. Claus that “doing things for others is what
Christmas is all about.”

Tina’s bedtime story prompts her dream about camping with Barney and their friends. Through songs and their imaginations, Barney helps the children learn all about camping, the wonders of the great outdoors, woodland animals, and safety rules. This camping trip is a dream come true.

Join Barney as he enjoys a typical day at school with the Backyard Gang. And joining them in finger-painting, pretend, and learning such center activities as ABC’s and 123’s (not to mention scampering after a mischievous hamster named “Zippity”), he discovers why the kids love going to school each weekday – learning is so much fun!

Barney and his friends hold a musical extravaganza at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas. Get ready for traditional songs and great musical arrangements with plenty of interaction and audience
participation. Plus, meet a brand new friend… whose name just happens to be Baby Bop!

Join Barney and his friends as they explore a movie studio sound stage. Using props and sets, they dress up, perform a puppet show and sing lots of songs. And with a little help from their imaginations, a donkey statue even comes to life. Pretending has never been so much fun!

Barney’s friends are building a sand castle in Derek’s backyard when who else but Barney himself appears! With the use of imagination, Barney takes the group on a fun-filled adventure to a real castle. On their journey, they travel through a magical forest where they discover a new friend — Twynkle the Elf. Once Barney and his young friends reach the castle gate, everyone plays with magical horses and the royal maypole! Then it’s time to enter the castle and meet the king, who has a special favor to ask. Soon, Barney and his friends are joined by Baby Bop for songs, a tea party and other castle fun.

It’s party time for Barney and his friends! Barney is having a birthday, and his friends throw him the best party ever, using classroom materials and lots of imagination! Along with the fun and games, Barney and his friends are introduced to birthday customs from other parts of the world. Kathy learns that gifts are not the most important part of birthdays.

Children will be delighted to sing and play with Barney in Barney’s Best Manners. This Season 1 episode, as seen on TV, features Barney and his friends going on a picnic and having a bubble splash party with Baby Bop. They sing songs that reinforce saying please and thank you, taking turns, and opening and closing doors for friends. Along the way, the children discover that being nice to people is the key to good manners.

Children will be delighted to sing and play with Barney in “Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose”. Mother Goose needs help because a bookworm has eaten the pages of her book! Barney and his friends help Mother Goose remember her favorite nursery rhymes. This episode, as seen on TV, features songs, dances, puzzles, and puppets. Barney’s friends learn how much fun a book can be!

There’s no place like home when Barney uses his imagination! Barney’s friends discover there are lots of different kinds of homes in the world, for animals and for people. Your child can join in the fun of playing in the snow outside an igloo, exploring the underwater home of colorful fish and acting out the three little pigs story. The children sing, dance and play while learning a home is a “place to be with the people you love and care about.”

Who’s yellow all over, has purple spots, a bright green tummy, and red sneakers? It’s BJ – Baby Bop’s older brother, and Barney’s newest dinosaur friend! Join Barney, BJ, Shawn, Min and their new friend David as they practice using their imaginations to help BJ find a “princess” in a make believe jungle. The group learns that pretending can take them anywhere (under the sea or into the jungle) and let them be anyone (a cowpoke or a pilot). For having fun, singing and learning to make believe, “The jungle is the place to go!”

Leaming can be terrific fun when Barney and his classroom friends, Shawn, Julie, Tina and Derek use letters to imagine an ALPHABET ANIMAL ZOO. Their pretend zoo is a very special place where children can imitate animals, play animal guessing games and sing about camels, kookaburras and tigers. The
group is joined by two new visitors: Julie’s Aunt Molly who tells a silly story using animal sounds and Jason, who shows the group how to say “I love you” in sign language.

Watch as Barney takes the stage to bring you a musical extravaganza (on location at Radio City Music Hall in NYC) filled with mystery and imagination. When The Winkster takes The Barney Bag, it’s up to Barney and his friends to get it back. Follow along as they help The Winkster learn how important it is to share and have friends.

Set sail for adventure with Captain Barney and his mateys. When a giant wave strands the kid’s ship atop a palm tree, the kids explore the island only to meet Professor Tinkerputt, a toymaker who just doesn’t like to share his toys. Join in as Barney and his friends set out to prove to him that good things happen when you share.

It’s Baby Bop’s 3rd Birthday! So, Barney and his friends throw a surprise birthday party just for her. Baby Bop’s big brother BJ drops by to join in the fun.

Tosha has an exciting surprise for Barney and his friends! There has been a new birth in her family — and she hints that there’s more to the story! Through games and songs, the children, along with Barney, Baby Bop and BJ, explore family values and the specialness of each individual. After an exciting day, Tosha’s big surprise is revealed.

Barney and his friends learn about fire safety with help from Firefighter Frank and his dog Chief. But that’s not all…Barney, Baby Bop and BJ become dino-experts on many topics such as seatbelt safety and playing safely by wearing helmets. Now they can share these valuable safety lessons with you!

It’s fun making new Friends! Barney, BJ and the children welcome Kenneth, a new boy to their school. Kenneth joins Barney and his friends in songs and play… even a special Barney Bag activity! Everyone helps create a wonderful surprise to say goodbye to two old friends, Tina and Derek, who have moved to a new school. New friends and old friends… all friends to Barney.

With the help of their imaginations, the children surprise Barney with his very own car! Barney offers to take Shawn, Kathy, Min and Carlos for a car ride. But first he needs to run a few errands — to the car wash, cleaners, gas station and even Shawn’s Snappy Snacks drive-through. The car ride was worth the wait, though, as Barney and the children have a great time singing their favorite Barney songs along with the radio!

Sing along with Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and their friends to 27 of their all-time favorite songs!

It’s a day full of fun for Barney and his friends. While Barney waits for his surprise to arrive, BJ, Baby Bop and the children are in for some surprises themselves. They hear trains passing through the playground! Although they always miss seeing the trains, there are special toys and treats left behind for them to share. While waiting, Baby Bop and BJ learn to take turns in their pretend play. Barney’s surprise finally arrives — it’s Stella the Storyteller to tell a fun, familiar story. Everyone has an exciting day while learning about trains — and sharing!

Barney and all his friends are about to go on stage and you’re invited. Join in as they perform some of your all-time favorite songs in the talent show to end all talent shows.

It’s games galore as Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and their friends try to activate Barney’s Spectacular Game Machine. With a shudder, quake and hum, the game machine explodes into action… and Barney and friends play up a storm in the best game day ever.

Tina’s ready to play in a big way after getting her cast removed, and the kids suggest staging a play- ground circus. Michael, the Ringmaster, introduces: Barney, the Balancing Dinosaur; Derek, the Juggler; and the Tightrope Twins, Terrific Tina and Magnificent Min. Special Guest Joe Scruggs sings a song that really sets off the silliness, but, in the end. the kids leam that exercise is good for your body and can still be lots of fun. Barney also reminds us that hugging is an exercise that’s good for the heart!

The kids are in for “tens of fun” when Barney’s friend, Mr. Tenagain, visits. His passion for all “things 10” leads to the reading of “Ten, Nine, Eight” and an account of Mr. Tenagain’s trip to the moon. Snack time generates some antics in the kitchen, and a delightful picnic – visited by some rather unusual ants! Finally, Mr. Tenagain leaves surprise instructions on the “nicest way to count to 10.”

BJ can’t wait to play his favorite outdoor games. Problem is, it never seems to be the right season. Join Barney, Shawn, Tosha and others as they use their imaginations to help BJ experience spring, summer, fall and winter – all in one fantastic day of seasonal fun!

Stella the Storyteller is in town. But when her suitcase explodes, it’s up to Barney and his friends to help her repack it. Using the scattered contents, the kids perform some of your all time favorite classic children’s stories. From Rumpelstiltskin to Rapunzel, everyone will live happily ever after.

From whistles and rainbows to pickles and paints, the senses come alive like never before as Barney shows how each of the five senses help us experience the world around us. There’s only one word to describe this much fun: Sense-Sational!

It’s twice the fun and twice the purple. Introducing Barney’s 2-Pack, Colors & Shapes. First, in “The Treasure of Rainbow Beard”, Barney and his friends set out on a quest to find Rainbow Beard’s map of shapes and colors — a map that helps lead them to a wonderful hidden treasure. Then, come along as Barney and his friends discover the many colors and shapes that surround us in “Red, Blue and Circles, Too”. From sponge paints to hula hoops, there’s fun for all.

Remember when Barney and his friends sailed to Coco Island? Or when the wind came along and blew BJ’s hat away? Aaaaah, the memories. One look through Barney’s Scrapbook and you’ll be reminded of some of the best Barney moments ever…complete with 14 wonderful songs. Relive all the fun, all the music and all the purple…in Barney’s Scrapbook. It’ll be your favorite for years to come.

With a litte imagination and some help from Camp Counselor Barney, the kids learn all about th great outdoors at Camp WannaRunnaRound. It’s a place filled with wonderfully woodsy fun where everyone learns about the great things to do in the forest. Gather all your gear because camp is about to begin!

Hop aboard and get ready for the ride of your life as bus driver Barney takes the whole gang to some of their favorite imaginary destinations. It’s stop after stop of non-stop fun. So, climb on board and grab a seat because you’ve got a ticket to ride.

It’s a warm and sunny day. But when Barney uses his special “Night Timer” to create “night” during the day, the kids discover that nighttime has special sights and sounds all its own. Join the kids for one exciting “day’s night” compliments of Barney.

When Stella the Storyteller loses the numbers from her magical clock, it’s up to Barney and all his friends to help her find them again. Join them as their number search leads them straight to the library for some good old-fashioned storytelling excitement. Get ready to learn to count with Barney in this fun-with-numbers race to the finish.

It’s a Super-Dee-Duper surprise when Barney and the children in the Astronomy Club look through their telescope and see someone staring right back at them! Using the power of imagination, Barney and the kids blast off into the cosmos to meet BJ and Baby Bop, and recieve a visit from a real astronaut. It’s an out of this world adventure!

Shhh! Barney is planning a Super-Dee-Duper surprise party for BJ and it’s going to be a musical extravaganza. Professor Tinkerputt will be there. So will Mother Goose and many other fairy tale friends. See all your favorites perform live on stage… in your own home!

It’s Halloween and Barney and his friends are decorating the gym for an exciting party at the school. From corn to smiling jack-o-lanterns, the gym is aglow with the colors of fall. Meanwhile, BJ and Baby Bop are putting the final touches on their costumes as they get ready for a fun-filled night of trick-or-treating. Finally, evening arrives, the party begins and the trick-or- treaters set out to search for goodies. Unfortunately, after a full night of trying, BJ comes up just a bit empty-handed. But when he and Baby Bop return to school, they soon find out that their friends have plenty of goodies and surprises waiting for them. Sometimes, the best treats at Halloween are good friends.

A trip to Grandpa’s farm turns into an incredible journey as Barney and the gang look high and low for a magic egg that’s about to hatch something very special. It’s full of friends everyone knows by name, new songs plus some of your favorites, and adventures thrilling enough to live over and over again. So join the search for the magical egg, and find everything you’re looking for in great family entertainment.

Hannah’s got her suitcase packed and is on the way. to her Aunt Paula’s house for a sleep-over party when Barney seizes the opportunity to play pretend and teach the children about staying clean. From “icky, squishy, gooey finger-painting fun” to singing sleepy-time lullabies, the children join Baby Bop and BJ in practicing washing their hands, brushing their teeth, shampooing and combing their hair and bathing in a bathtub of bubbles. Miss Ette Kette even shows them how to sneeze politely because everyone knows that sharing germs is not nice! Staying clean and healthy has never been so much fun!

When Baby Bop and BJ get mad and vow never to speak to each other again, it’s up to Barney and the kids to teach them the importance of friendship between brothers and sisters. Join Barney and the twins Ashley and Alissa as they try to brighten the mood with singing, dancing and sharing what they like best about each other. Just as BJ and Baby Bop begin playing tug-of-war with a book they both want to read, author Tomie dePaula arrives to read his book, “The Baby Sister,” and explains why family is so important. He also teaches them that brothers and sisters can be more than just members of the same family… they can be friends for life!

Come celebrate with Barney in this unique tribute to his first ten years. Barney’s planned a very special sing along party and invited many of his friends, “old” and “new!” The group enjoys singing their all-time favorites, while being transported to magical places (a farm, a campsite in the woods and a storybook land).

Barney is about to embark on a journey around the world and you can share in the fun! Stella the Storyteller has lost her suitcase and Barney and his friends must travel to France, Canada and Mexico to return it to her. Along the way the kids learn how to share and use good manners from a French magician, a Canadian Mountie and a Mexican piñata maker. Barney’s WHAT A WORLD WE SHARE! teaches us all that “everything is a lot more fun when you share it with a friend.”

It’s another fun-filled day as Barney and the children learn that where they live is more than just a neighborhood; it’s a place they can call “home.” Barney and his friends make visits to some of the local businesses including Cannoli’s Bakery, Bouffant’s Barber Shop, the PB&J Café and Green’s Grocery.

With a little help from Barney and a big imagination, the children enjoy a fun-filled day at Baby Bop’s School – where every lesson includes unexpected surprises. Join Ashley, Hannah, Robert and Jeff as they sing an alphabet song, read in Baby Bop’s book center, eat macaroni and cheese and bounce into gym class. When the day is just about done, settle in with Baby Bop and her blankey for an afternoon nap. It’s an unforgettable day of learning and laughter!

It’s an unbelievable Christmas Eve as Barney, Baby Bop and BJ take their friends on a magical journey to the North Pole and bring them face to face with Santa Claus! The Children discover his antique music box, see amazing displays of his favorite toys and climb aboard his train for an incredible ride. Join BJ, Baby Bop and the children as they wait patiently to hear the sounds of sleigh bells and share the most magical night of the year with Barney!

Follow along with Barney, BJ and Baby Bop as they present favorite musical moments from the past. Featuring over 20 songs, rhymes and stories, this 55-minute singing, dancing and laughing extravaganza will leave you shouting for more from your favorite dino trio.

Emily is finding the assignment of writing a Mother Goose rhyme for school difficult until Mother Goose herself arrives to help. Join Mother Goose, Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and friends in a tea party “Fit for a King.” Featuring 36 songs and 35 rhymes.

Barney’s Super-Dee-Duper Circus has arrived! And it’s got everything children want to see: a marching band (led by Baby Bop), a car full of silly clowns, a flying squirrel (Scooter McNutty) on a trapeze, a lion tamer, a strongman that can lift Ringmaster Barney high over his head and more. It’s big fun under the big top for Barney and all his friends!


Barney’s got his very own home – and a house full of guests to share it with! At Barney’s house, Imagination can make anything happen at any time!

Love is in the air as Barney and all his friends gather to exchange cards and celebrate Valentine’s Day. But, little does Barney know, one of these cards contains a special invitation from the Queen of Hearts herself. She’s inviting everyone to come take a royal tour of Valentine Castle, where the rooms are filled with wonderful surprises. There’ll be lots of games, songs, and sweet treats along the way. And after the children give the Queen her very own card, they’ll find Barney has a surprise waiting for them when they get home.


Join Barney on a new musical adventure to a faraway castle with flags, trumpets and knights in shining armour. With over 20 songs and rhymes, this is a royal treat you’ll really enjoy – courtesy of your favorite dinosaur!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Join Barney, and his friends BJ, Robert, Kim, Stephen and Emily as they look through Barney’s costume shop and “try” on a few jobs for size. Just imagine and you can be anything!

Surf’s up! So grab your towel and put on your sunscreen, Barney has planned a day filled with fun in the sun at the beach! From sail-boating to kite-flying, you’ll get plenty of sand between your toes as you enjoy a day of sun, surf and surprises with all your favorite friends. You might even make some new friends, like Mr. Boyd, who’ll be on hand to help plan a very special beach party with plenty of treats and authentic hula lessons. And no trip to the beach would be complete without a handmade sandcastle. So get ready to hang ten with your purple pal, and let’s go to the beach with Barney!

Join Barney and his friend Pop Wheely as they teach the kids all about the finer points of transportation.

Barney’s new park is a great place to play, sing and dance with the world’s most musical dinosaur.

A surprise package arrives from Miss Vera Goode with her new “Book of Manners for Children”. Barney helps his friends discover that using their best manners can be fun.

Barney has your ticket to adventure as he brings the magic of his colorful stage show to video. Join the purple dino-star and his co-stars, Baby Bop and BJ, as they visit exciting places and make new friends, including a tap dancing monkey, an ice skating polar bear and a starfish who sings rock and roll! Imagine flying to a rain forest, dancing with penguins in the Arctic, and exploring the colorful world under the sea. Sing and dance along with Barney on a magical, musical trip around our colorful world!

Rachel and Jackson are setting up a produce stand with lots of fruits and vegetables. BJ, being hungry, accidentally ate all of their produce. Rachel and Jackson wish they could get more fresh produce, and Baby Bop wants to see some real life farm animals. So, Barney decides to take them to his good friend, Farmer Dooley’s Farm. At the farm, they see all sorts of animals, sing lots of songs, and prepare for the big barn dance happening later on.

Take a trip with Barney, BJ, Baby Bop and their new friends as they discover anything can happen in The Land of Make Believe! When a puzzled young princess from a storybook magically appears, the group begins a quest to help her find her way home. On the journey, they swim with dolphins, see a beautiful mermaid and even meet a magician! But will the princess ever find her kingdom? Will Barney and his friends make it home? Find out in The Land of Make Believe! Filled with fairytale characters and familiar friends, it’s a story as big as your imagination!

Sing along with your favorite purple dinosaur on his featured albums I Love To Sing With Barney, Run, Jump, Skip & Sing, Start Singing With Barney, A Great Day For Learning, etc.

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